The Limited Edition S60 Polestar
The Limited Edition S60 Polestar

Just over a year ago a racing team owner from Sweden and a managing director from Australia met in Gothenburg and discussed their ultimate road car.

One worked for Polestar, a leading global Motorsport racing company. The other for Volvo, a company with a rich heritage in motor racing.

After a meeting of minds, they decided to make their dream car a reality.

Although both companies had a relationship for many years, this was a unique opportunity for them to work together on the design, development and manufacture of a performance road car.

Australia is the first country in the world where the limited edition Volvo S60 Polestar is available. We invite you to a personal viewing and test drive with an authorised dealer by contacting us on 1300 787 802 or clicking the button below. Only 50 of these vehicles are available for 50 very lucky owners.